Energy legislation

This section of our homepage gathers relevant legislative texts on electricity, natural gas, green electricity and energy efficiency. It covers the EU and federal level, including acts, orders, ordinances, directives or decisions by the European Commission and by E-Control and federal acts issued by the Austrian government.

Though we continuously work to expand and update this information, our German pages carry much more information. For instance, you will find archives of previous versions of legal texts on our German site, along with legislation from the Austrian provinces, decisions by E-Control's Executive Board and Regulation Commission (often in draft and final versions), the general terms and conditions for market players and the technical and organisational rules that also form part of the market rules.

Disclaimer: E-Control assumes no liability or warranty whatsoever for the correctness, accuracy and completeness of the legal texts presented on these pages. The only legally binding version is published in the relevant official channel of publication.