Statistics on electricity, natural gas and renewables

Statistics on electricity, natural gas and renewables

The responsibility for the collection of primary statistical data on fossil fuels and electricity lies with the Federal Ministry for Sustainability and Tourism.

For electricity and gaseous energy carriers, it is E-Control that carries out data collection and other statistical duties (cf. in particular section 92 Elektrizitätswirtschafts- und -organisationsgesetz (Electricity Act) 2010 and section 59 Gaswirtschaftsgesetz (Natural Gas Act) 2011).
Our mandate is defined in the Elektrizitätsstatistikverordnung (Electricity Statistics Ordinance) 2016, issued by the ministry, and the Gasstatistikverordnung (Gas Statistics Ordinance) 2017, issued by the E-Control Executive Board. They lay out the analyses to be undertaken and the information to be published. On our English pages you will find key information concerning the Austrian electricity and gas markets. For further details, especially regarding daily load curves, time series or a more detailed breakdown of the annual balance as well as for information on green electricity please refer to our German pages.

If you use our data, please reference E-Control as the data source.

As authority with responsibilities for the collection and processing of statistics on electricity and gas, we must respect the provisions of the Datenschutzgesetz (Data Protection Act) 2000 and the Bundesstatistikgesetz (Statistics Act) 2000 (cf. in particular section 92 Electricity Act 2010 and section 147 Natural Gas Act 2011). E-Control is part of the Austrian and European statistical system, and as such acts in line with eurostat’s European Statistics Code of Practice and the United Nations’ Principles Governing International Statistical Activities.

Please note that we do not publish our statistics in hard copy. Requests for statistical analysis that go beyond our mandate can only be met depending on our current capacities and competencies; an adequate fee must be charged.