Questionnaire on storage market

According to § 98 (2) Austrian Gas Act 2011, E-Control has the task to perform and publish a study on the situation of the Austrian flexibility and storage market. To assess the competition in the storage market we would like to invite you as a potential or active market participant on the demand side of the storage and flexibility market to provide your opinion on the products offered and traded. For this purpose we developed a questionnaire which takes about 20 minutes time to fill in.

Your answers to the questionnaire will be treated as strictly confidential and will be incorporated in the study only in an aggregated and comprehensive way.
If you have any questions please do  not hesitate and contact us:
Martina Ernst:, +43 1 24724 809
Carola Millgramm:, +43 1 24724 713

Please fill in the questionnaire by 19th January 2018 cob. Thank you for your participation.

Please provide information for the calendar year, 2017.

1 a) If yes, which ones? (multiple answers possible) Storage contracts with gas storage companies in the Austrian market area East, with:

1 b) If no, why not?

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