REMIT registration

Market players that participate in the Austrian electricity or gas wholesale market have to register in the national registration system (NRS) provided by E-Control Austria. Registration must be complete within six months after the adoption of the Implementing Acts pursuant to Article 8(2) REMIT. This obligation extends to all market players that conclude transactions in accordance with Article 8(1) REMIT.
Article 9(1) REMIT states that market players must register with the regulatory authority authority of the country where they have their head office. If your head office is not in the European Union, you need to register in the EU member state where you conduct most of your business. The responsibility for the data entered rests with you, as does the obligation to update and reflect any changes in the regulator's NRS without delay (Article 8(5) REMIT).

E-Control Austria opened its NRS for market players on the Austrian electricity or gas wholesale markets to register on 2 June 2014. For the time being, registration is voluntary.

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National registration system for REMIT

The below link leads to the interface where you can get an account for the Austrian NRS. The system will guide you through the registration process. The NRS is only available in German.