Disclosure forms

Disclosure by persons which professionally arrange transactions

Information by persons which have grounds for suspicion of insider trading or market manipulation can email the following disclosure form to E-Control Austria: remit@e-control.at

Disclosure by a market participant

Article 3 prohibits insider trading. It is possible to delay the disclosure of inside information (Article 3 (4) (b)). This allows transactions to be entered into in order to cover the immediate physical loss resulting from unplanned outages, where not to do so would result in the market participant not being able to meet existing contractual obligations.
A delay of publication of inside information due to the above criteria can be made over the following disclosure platform offered by ACER.


ACER disclosure platform

-> remit.acer.europa.eu/

Under the current set up, ACER forwards any disclosures on its platform made under Article 3 (4) (b) to the relevant national regulator. Consequently, market participant are not required to notify the national regulator.

Should the above platform not be available, please send your disclosure to: remit@e-control.at