Annual labelling verification

In keeping with our oversight function under section 79(9) Elektrizitätswirtschafts- und -organisationsgesetz (Electricity Act) 2010, E-Control conducts an annual labelling check for companies that supply electricity to consumers in Austria.

Section 79 Electricity Act 2010 obliges all of them to have comprehensive labelling in place for all their supplies. Reporting electricity of unknown origin is not allowed.

In 2016, we conduct our annual verification exercise electronically. By 9 May 2016, all suppliers had to upload the requisite documents into the GO database and send them to E-Control for verification.

The necessary documents included:

  • An up-to-date example of a consumer bill
  • For companies that supply more than 100 GWh to consumers, the audit report pursuant to section 79(6) Electricity Act 2010
  • Marketing materials with up-to-date labelling information
  • Reports that confirm emission values and additional findings, where necessary
  • Any additional relevant documents

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