Supplier switching in three steps

Supplier switching in three steps

Switching to a new natural gas supplier is easy - simply follow the three steps described below. Free of charge and without any risk: your supply will not be interrupted.

Switching is easy – compare, choose, sign, and save

Switching is easy – compare, choose, sign, and save click to enlarge

Step 1: choose a supplier

Here is how you find the cheapest supplier easily, quickly and free of charge:

  • Visit the tariff calculator.
  • Enter your postal code and your annual consumption in kilowatt hours (kWh). If you do not know your annual consumption you can check your latest annual invoice or give your household size and the calculator will make an estimation.
You will get a list of all the suppliers serving your home area, sorted by price. You can choose whether or not to include discounts in the price overview.

Step 2: fill in the contract form

In addition to your personal contact data such as name and address, you should also unequivocally identify your connection. This is done by indicating the so-called metering point reference number, a 33-digit code, starting with "AT". You can find it on your bill. Indicating the metering point reference number will speed up the process.

If you have two separate meters, e.g. in case you have contracted electricity at a dual tariff (day/night), you will find two reference numbers on your electricity bill. If you would like to switch your supplier for both day-time and night-time electricity, you should indicate both numbers to ensure that the switching process runs smoothly.

Metering point reference number
Fig 2: Metering point reference number

Please note: in principle, a switch can be carried out on the sole basis of your name and the address of your connection. Yet it is always recommendable to indicate the metering point reference number(s) for a unequivocal identificarion of the connection.

Step 3: send it in

Now you simply send the contract form to your new supplier. Done! Many suppliers have started offering online switching, i.e. they are doing away with the need to print, sign and scan the contract form. But you can always ask them to send you the form by mail and can return it that way. Suppliers are legally obliged to accept these channels.

Your new supplier will take care of everything else. By signing the form, you authorise your new supplier to carry out all the steps necessary for switching, such as the termination of your supply contract with your current supplier.

Your new supplier will inform you about the exact date of the switch. Until that time, you continue to receive energy from your old supplier without any interruption.

PLEASE NOTE: different rules apply if you do not yet have a supplier, e.g. because you are moving into a new home. But in this case, too, you are free to choose your supplier. To read more about this, click here.

TIP: on the day of the switch, read your consumption from your meter and notify it to your system operator.