Green electricity support scheme

Green electricity support

The financing mechanism for Austria’s renewables support scheme basically relies on the flat-rate renewables charge, the renewables contribution and the proceeds from the guarantees of origin.

Financial and power flows

The operators of green power plants sell their electricity to the green power settlement responsible OeMAG at the feed-in tariffs in place.

The network operators must distribute the power through their grids.

Financial and power flows in the Austrian renewables support scheme

Financial and power flows in the Austrian renewables support schemeclick to enlarge

All suppliers are assigned a portion of the supported green electricity which they must buy. This corresponds to their market share, i.e. a trader with a market share of 5% must buy 5% of the OeMAG’s green power. The green power settlement responsible recalculates these rates each month. The price payable by suppliers for this electricity is the hourly day-ahead spot market price. In addition, they pay OeMAG for the guarantees of origin attached to the green electricity.

Consumers contribute to the scheme by paying two components on their bills. The renewables contribution is calculated as a percentage on top of the grid utilisation charge and the charge for grid losses. The flat-rate renewables charge is payable per metering point. It is currently set at € 33 annually. Both these charges are clearly itemised on consumer bills. The system operators pass these proceeds on to OeMAG.