Grid connection and access

When a need arises for a new connection or modifications to existing connections — e.g. to increase capacity — the system operator identifies a suitable connection point, taking the network user's interests into account.

After ascertaining the ownership boundary the system operator will assign the customer to a given grid level. The ownership boundary is the dividing line between the customer's installations and the public grid. The customer owns the assets on his/her side of the ownership boundary and is responsible for maintaining them; those beyond the boundary belong to the system operator. Another criterion for assignment to a given grid level is the size of the installations. This is a matter of the design of the electrical installations on the premises, the machinery and equipment to be connected and simultaneity, among other things.

Contact your system operator to obtain a quotation for your connection and find out about its contract terms. The system operator will provide you with the information you require and tell you precisely what documentation will be needed to assess your connection.
The connection and network access are governed by the General Terms and Conditions of distribution system operators (German only) and the General Terms and Conditions of transmission system operators (German only).