Conference "The Austrian gas market: evolution, trends, outlook"

Tuesday, 14 March 2017, 10:00 – approx. 16:00 hrs
Fleming’s Hotel Wien-Westbahnhof, Neubaugürtel 26-28, 1070 Vienna

A recent study sheds light on the functioning of the Austrian gas market. A panel of experts will discuss the results at a dedicated conference that we will hold on this occasion.

How can we drive gas wholesale market development? What regional market integration measures are conceivable, and which of them are sensible? Which infrastructure measures should we bear in mind? What effects will the new Energy Intervention Data Ordinance have? What can we expect from demand side management? These are some of the questions were discussed with the experts on the panel and with the audience.

Discussants and panellists included:

  • Andreas Eigenbauer, Executive Director of E-Control 
  • Oliver Elbling, author of the study and CEO of WECOM
  • Nicola Battilana, Managing Director of Trans Austria Gasleitung GmbH 
  • Gottfried Steiner, CEO of Central European Gas Hub AG 
  • Dirk Buschle, Deputy Director of the Energy Community Secretariat
  • Joachim Rahls, European Federation of Energy Traders
  • Bernhard Painz, Head of Gas Department at E-Controll