Appointing an independent arbitrator

The Alternative-Streitbeilegung-Gesetz (Alternative Dispute Resolution Act) provides that a natural person or a body be entrusted with dispute settlement. The E-Control Executive Board has decided to appoint a natural person as arbitrator under the Act. The arbitrator must be impartial and independent. Neither the arbitrator herself nor her representatives are bound by any instructions from E-Control’s Executive Board in exercising their activities under the Alternative Dispute Resolution Act. The three-year term of office can only be ended prematurely if conditions named in the legislation materialise. This could be for instance the emergence of circumstances that no longer allow for independent and impartial dispute settlement. Temporary inability to execute the function is no cause for dismissal.

Head of dispute settlement service appointed as arbitrator

Gabriele Guggenberger

Gabriele Guggenbergerclick to enlarge

The Executive Board appointed the head of E-Control’s dispute settlement service, Ms Gabriele Guggenberger, as independent arbitrator. Her three-year term of office started on 9 January 2016. Ms Guggenberger has a legal background and has been part of E-Control’s staff since 2001. Until 2007, she was in charge of cost audits in the tariffs department. Since 1 August 2008, she has been head of E-Control’s dispute settlement service.