Electricity Market Code

  • Electricity market code

Chapters of the market code


Chapter 1

  • Definitions. Version 2.2

Chapter 2 (0,1 MB)

  • Relations between market players. Version 3.3

Chapter 3 (0,3 MB)

  • Schedules. Version 5.6
  Chapter 4
Licensing of Balance Responsible Parties. Withdrawn in November 2016.

Chapter 5 (17.0 MB)

  • Technical documentation of business processes, data formats and data exchange

Chapter 5 - Explanatory Notes (8.0 MB)

  • Explanatory notes on chapter 5 of the Gas Market Code, including information on EDA implementation and cost sharing

Chapter 6 (0,8 MB)

  • Meter Readings, Data Formats and Standardised Load Profiles. Version 3.4

Chapter 7 (0,2 MB)

  • Electronic Exchange of System Charges Data for Billing. Version 2.1

Chapter 8 (0,1 MB)

  • Special Balance Group for Calculating Grid Losses. Version 3.0
  Chapter 9
Special CHP Balance Group. Withdrawn on 1 January 2003 due to the Ökostromgesetz (Green Electricity Act) 2003.

Chapter 10 (0,3 MB)

  • Submission of Information from System Operators to Other Market Participants; 1st and 2nd Clearing. Version 3.0
  Chapter 11
This chapter was Withdrawn on 15 May 2018. The process is regulated by a technical documentation on www.ebutilities.at.


Additional documents in German

The German pages contain additional documents relating to the Electricity Market Code. In particular, you can download a variety of forms and further information needed by market players.  

Please note: All these documents contain non-binding English versions of (legal) texts. They are provided for the reader’s convenience only and in no way constitute legally binding documents. E-Control assumes no liability or responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of the text in these documents or any parts thereof. For a binding version of the legal texts, please refer to the relevant Bundesgesetzblatt (Federal Law Gazette).


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