Support payments

Support payments

In 2014, a total of € 631 million was paid out in support to green power production.

Support requirements for green electricity are calculated by subtracting the market value of the electricity from the total amount paid in feed-in tariffs and adding imbalance, administrative and finance costs, and expenses for technology promotion funds.


Calculation of support payments, million €

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The market value of supported renewable electricity is the average of the quarterly baseload futures included in the market prices for a given year.
Imbalance costs are apportioned according to OeMAG’s costs for wind power and other technologies, with wind accounting for the lion’s share of expenses.
The support paid out by provincial schemes, at € 7 million overall, was ascribed to the other green power; administrative and finance costs were distributed among the technologies.

The changes in support requirements since 2005, including the corresponding market prices, are shown in the table below.