Market participants entering into transactions which are required to be reported to ACER in accordance with Article 8(1) REMIT must register with the national regulatory authority in the member state in which they are established or resident or, if they are not established or resident in the Union, in the member state in which they are mainly active. A market participant may register only with one national regulatory authority.

Market participants entering into transactions on an organised market place (OMP) had to register before 7 October 2015. All other market participants must register before 7 April 2016. To grant market participants enough time to complete the registration procedure, E-Control made the national registration system (NRS) available on its website already on 2 June 2014 (see link below).

After you have created a user account, you will receive an e-mail with all relevant documents and information required for the registration procedure. Once you have submitted these documents and information via the NRS and they have been cleared by E-Control following a review, your information is forwarded to ACER and you receive an ACER registration code. This code is used to unambiguously identify your energy wholesale contracts which have to be reported to ACER upon the start of data collection pursuant to Article 8 REMIT.

Market participants are responsible for the accuracy of the data entered in the NRS. Furthermore, in line with Article 9(5) REMIT, market participants are obliged to communicate promptly to the relevant national regulatory authority any change as regards the information provided in their registration form. In this event, data must be updated in the NRS by the market participant.

Documents required for REMIT registration