REMIT registration

Under Article 9 REMIT, all market participants that conclude transactions which must be reported to ACER under Article 8(1) REMIT must also register with their national regulatory authority. This is the national regulator in the EU member state where they are established or reside. For market participants that are not established and do not reside in any EU country, it is the regulator of the member state where they are mostly active. A market participant may register only with one national regulatory authority.

The obligation to register has applied since 2015 to market participants that trade on organised market places (OMPs), and since 2016 for all others. For this purpose, we made our national registration system (NRS) available through our portal in 2014. In July 2019, the NRS was closed down and administration of REMIT registration was fully transferred to the Centralised European Register for Energy Market Participants (CEREMP). With this step, we have taken account of needs to update IT systems and have improved the efficiency of the process.  

Even though registration is now handled through CEREMP, our REMIT team remains in charge of checking and clearing all registration information. For more details on the obligation to register and the full process, please consult the REMIT information sheet and manual that are available from our German pages.


Handbuch zur Registrierung von Marktteilnehmern gemäß Artikel 9 REMIT (0,9 MB)

  • GERMAN ONLY; Verordnung (EU) Nr. 1227/2011; Stand August 2019