Electricity market code

Electricity market code

The Austrian electricity market code consists of eleven chapters (while chapters 5 and 9 no longer apply) and is accompanied by a range of technical documentation and a number for forms for use by market participants. All documents are available from our German pages. Here, we provide English language translations of those chapters of the electricity market code that are necessary to understand how the Austrian electricity market works.

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Electricity market code

Chapters of the market code


Chapter 1

  • Definitions. Version 2.2

Chapter 2 (0,1 MB)

  • Relations between market players. Version 3.3

Chapter 3 (0,3 MB)

  • Schedules. Version 5.6
  Chapter 4
Licensing of Balance Responsible Parties. Withdrawn in November 2016.

Chapter 5 (17.0 MB)

  • Technical documentation of business processes, data formats and data exchange

Chapter 5 - Explanatory Notes (8.0 MB)

  • Explanatory notes on chapter 5 of the Gas Market Code, including information on EDA implementation and cost sharing

Chapter 6 (0,8 MB)

  • Meter Readings, Data Formats and Standardised Load Profiles. Version 3.4

Chapter 7 (0,2 MB)

  • Electronic Exchange of System Charges Data for Billing. Version 2.1

Chapter 8 (0,1 MB)

  • Special Balance Group for Calculating Grid Losses. Version 3.0
  Chapter 9
Special CHP Balance Group. Withdrawn on 1 January 2003 due to the Ökostromgesetz (Green Electricity Act) 2003.

Chapter 10 (0,3 MB)

  • Submission of Information from System Operators to Other Market Participants; 1st and 2nd Clearing. Version 3.0
  Chapter 11
This chapter was Withdrawn on 15 May 2018. The process is regulated by a technical documentation on www.ebutilities.at.


Additional documents in German

The German pages contain additional documents relating to the Electricity Market Code. In particular, you can download a variety of forms and further information needed by market players.  

Please note: All these documents contain non-binding English versions of (legal) texts. They are provided for the reader’s convenience only and in no way constitute legally binding documents. E-Control assumes no liability or responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of the text in these documents or any parts thereof. For a binding version of the legal texts, please refer to the relevant Bundesgesetzblatt (Federal Law Gazette).


Further documents and forms

Further documents and forms

The Electricity Market Code is complemented by a series of documents agreed among the market players. These include, for instance, the technical documentation that belongs to the Wechselverordnung Strom (Electricity Switching Ordinance) 2012, i.e. specifications for the switching platform and the data exchange formats to be used; documents further detailing the rules of chapters 7 and 11 of the Electricity Market Code; and a number of forms for use by balance responsible parties. These are available for download from our German pages.