Redesigning the Austrian gas balancing system

E-Control intends to set measures for a further development and redesign of the Austrian gas balancing system. Major objectives are the establishment of an integrated and central balancing of transmission and distribution level based on a model with contributes to a further reduction of contractual and operational complexity. The legal requirements of both the national level as well as European level with the network code on gas balancing (NC BAL) are the basis for this process.

E-Control initiated a public consultation of a draft concept paper „Redesigning the Austrian gas balancing system” in early 2018 and received various responses of market participants and associations. The detailed assessment of the consultation responses and the further refinement of the consulted concept was subject to a public stakeholder process between Sep. 2018 and March 2019.

This section summarizes all relevant information with regards to redesigning the Austrian gas balancing system and the related stakeholder process. This also includes all preparatory documents as well as summaries of the workshops in the course of this process. A summary of the results of this stakeholder process is provided in the final summary section.

We are looking forward to receiving any questions and comments related to the stakeholder process to be addressed to the dedicated mailbox

  • Consultation documents and responses
  • Presentation of the stakeholder process
  • Workstream: Balancing principles
  • Workstream: Parameter of the balancing model
  • Workstream: Commercial network balancing
  • Workstream: Commercial settlement
  • Summary of the Stakeholder Process
  • Next Steps

Consultation documents and responses

The process started in Q1/2018 with the consultation of an E-Control draft concept paper with the focus on the major objectives and elements of a redesigned gas balancing system. Below, the concept paper as well as the received responses are provided.


Presentation of the stakeholder process

The outline of the major topics/areas incl. the essential issues and questions to be addressed in the course of the stakeholder process as well as organizational matters of the procedure has been provided in a webinar published on 29 June 2018:

The underlying presentations are available as well:


Workstream: Balancing principles

The starting point of the stakeholder process will be the area of “balancing principles” with the aim to discuss and clarify the major design questions as basis for subsequent definitions.

Preparatory documents will be provided ahead of the workshops and discussion results will be summarized in the form of brief meetings minutes.

1st Workshop 13.09.2018

2nd Workshop 04.10.2018


Workstream: Commercial network balancing

The area “commercial network balancing“ focuses on the refinement and specification of mechanisms and parameters for the commercial balancing of networks including an improved concept for the treatment of potential calorific value differences between natural gas and renewable gases within the balancing framework.

Preparatory documents will be provided ahead of the workshops and discussion result will be summarized in the form of brief meetings minutes to be provided here.

5th Workshop 22.01.2019


Summary of the Stakeholder Process

The results of the stakeholder process have been summarized in an integrated result document.


Next Steps

Currently, a revision of the originally consulted concept is taking place on the basis of the results of the stakeholder process. The revised document will be provided on this website.

The implementation of the new balancing model is planned for 1st October 2021. Therefore, in autumn 2019 a draft of the new gas market model ordinance will be consulted. Details will be provided separately.