Moving and keeping the energy flowing

Moving and keeping the energy flowing

To get gas or electricity to your new home, you’ll need two contracts:
  • one with a supplier, which you are free to choose.
  • one with your system operator, which provides the network for your energy supply.

Steps to take

  1. Use our Tariff Calculator to quickly find the cheapest electricity or gas supplier
  2. Contact the supplier you’ve chosen and ask them to send you a contract form or download the form from their website. Most suppliers can also handle online switching, i.e. concluding a contract with them without having to print, sign and send a hard copy.
  3. Complete and sign the contract form, and send it to the supplier.
  4. Contact your system operator, tell them which supplier you’ve chosen and ask them to enable your new connection. The system operator will send you a system utilisation contract.
  5. Only if you conclude both agreements in good time will your energy supply be in place when you move in.
  6. Make sure that the meter reading is correct. Either your system operator reads your meters when you move in or you read them yourself and report the reading to the system operator. It is best to do this immediately, e.g. either when you send them your supply contract or when you move in.

When moving out: don’t forget your energy contracts

When you move out, remember to cancel both your contracts:
  • the one with your energy supplier;
  • the one with your system operator.

Inform them in good time that you’ll be moving out and terminate your contracts. You can find all deadlines and details in their general terms and conditions. You can also simply give them a call, they will tell you everything you need to know.

We also recommend that you ask them whether and when they will read your meter. If your system operator is not planning to take a reading, do it yourself and report it to them.