How much is a kilowatt hour?

How much is a kilowatt hour?

One kilowatt hour costs between 14 and more than 23 cents. It all depends.

The total costs for one kilowatt hour of electricity, including the network charges and all taxes and surcharges, depends on three factors:
  1. where you live. This determines your grid zone and therefore the amount of grid charges that you have to pay.
  2. how much you consume. Some components of the overall price depend on your energy consumption, others are flat rates. It is similar to many mobile phone charges: the more you use it, the less the flat rates weigh.
  3. who you get your energy from. Prices offered by different suppliers diverge by as much as 60%.

The place you live

Let’s assume you are an average household (with an annual electricity consumption of 3,500 kWh) that has already switched to the cheapest country-wide supplier. A kilowatt hour of electricity, inclusive of network charges, taxes and surcharges, will cost you 17.57 cents in Carinthia but 15.38 cents in Vienna and 13.76 cents in Graz.

Overview: Total costs for 1 kWh of electricity at an annual consumption of 3,500 kWh at the same cheapest supplier in the large Austrian grid zones

The energy you use

Inclusive of network charges, taxes and surcharges, a kilowatt hour purchased from the incumbent costs 22.58 cents if you live in a single-person household that uses about 2,000 kWh of electricity a year. A large family with an annual consumption of 6,000 kWh pays the same supplier only 17.92 cents. The difference arises from the flat rate charges built into the energy and system costs.

Overview: Total costs for 1 kWh of electricity in Vienna, bought from the local incumbent by consumers with different annual consumption figures

The supplier you choose

If you are an average household in Upper Austria with an electricity consumption of 3,500 kWh per year, you will pay 23.20 cent/kWh if you buy from the most expensive supplier. At the local player, a kilowatt hour will cost you 22.70 cent. If you have switched to the cheapest supplier, you will pay as little as 13.37 cent per kilowatt hour. These numbers include all system charges, taxes and surcharges.

Overview: Total costs for 1 kWh of electricity in the Upper Austria grid zone, bought from the cheapest, most expensive and incumbent suppliers

Price composition

The charts below depict the components that make up the full price for one kilowatt hour in the Vienna grid zone, for a consumer that has an annual consumption of 3,500 kWh of electricity, 15,000 kWh natural gas respectively and buys from the local player.

Zusammensetzung des Strompreises

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Zusammensetzung des Gaspreises

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* Prices without discounts for switchers, only comparing fixed-price products with and without price guarantees, but excluding floaters; source: tariff calculator, January 2018