Tariff calculator

E-Control’s tariff calculator

The tariff calculator application that we have developed compares electricity and gas offers, shows price differences between your current price and the ones on offer, and lets you immediately see which ones are cheapest. You can also select up to three products for a more detailed comparison. In addition, the calculator provides further information on all registered products, contact details for all suppliers and, if suppliers have made them available, all the forms and details that are needed if you wish to switch or enable a new connection.

To find your cheapest electricity and gas suppliers, you will need:

  • Your postal code
  • Your annual electricity or gas consumption in kilowatt hours (kWh)

Check your last annual bill for your annual consumption. If you cannot find your most recent bill, the calculator can estimate your electricity consumption based on the number of people who live in your household or your gas consumption from your home’s square metres.

Always up-to-date

The tariff calculator is one of the most frequently used sources of information for electricity and gas price comparisons in Austria. All electricity and gas suppliers are obliged by law to enter their products and prices in the underlying database. And of course, E-Control as a supervisory authority checks their input.

Discrepancies in relation to your latest bill

The tariff calculator determines the cheapest electricity or gas supplier for you on the basis of current prices. If you carry out a query and then compare the result for your current supplier with your last annual bill, the amounts may diverge. This may be due to the following reasons:

  • The calculation is based on the prices at the time of the query. Past price changes which may took effect in the course of the last billing period are not taken into account.
  • In some towns and communities, a community tax which may not yet be reflected in the tariff calculator database is added on top of the other amounts to the total amount.
  • For some components of the regulated network charges E-Control sets only maximum prices. Your network operator may thus charge less.

For these reasons, the tariff calculator is not the right tool if you want to check whether your past bills are correct.