Trade fairs

E-Control’s presence at the Bauen + Energie trade fair in Vienna in 2016

E-Control’s presence at a fair in Vienna in 2016click to enlarge

  • Would you like to know which electricity and natural gas suppliers there are, how billing works and which additional services are available?
  • Do you want to find out whether you are paying too much for electricity and gas?
  • You don't see through your electricity and gas bill and have always wanted to know what the technical terms on the bill really mean?
  • Are you interested in saving energy?
  • Do you need assistance with your choice of electricity or gas suppliers?

Do come visit us at trade fairs across the country.

E-Control on upcoming trade fairs

Häuslbauermesse, Graz, 19 - 22.01.2017,
Stand Nr. 110, Stadthalle.

Tiroler Hausbau & Energie, Innsbruck, 27 - 29.01.2017,
Stand Nr. B0.10, Halle B.0.

Bauen & Wohnen, Salzburg, 02 - 05.02.2017,
Stand Nr. 310, Halle 8.

Häuslbauermesse, Klagenfurt, 10 - 12.02.2017,
Stand Nr. E 01, Halle 1.

Bauen & Energie, Wien, 16 - 19.02.2017,
Stand Nr. C0114, Halle C.

Energiesparmesse, Wels, 01 - 05.03.2017,
Stand Nr. A40, Halle 20.