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Almost all households in Austria are connected to the electricity grid, and about a third of them get gas as well. Energy is all but omnipresent in our day-to-day lives. We take it for granted, but sometimes, we are faced with unexpected questions or issues.

E-Control is your service point for everything to do with electricity and gas. Whether you have questions about electricity or gas suppliers or your bills, need information on renewable energies or want to get some energy saving advice, we are here for you.

Here's how we can help.

  • Energy hotline: Give us a call at 0800 21 20 20, have us call you back, contact us via e-mail or visit us at trade fairs.
  • Dispute settlement service: We assist you if you run into difficulties with your supplier or system operator.
  • Ask E-Control (in German): Use our online portal to ask our experts and share the answers with others.
  • Contact form (in German): Use the contact form on our website.
  • Tariff calculator (in German): The tariff calculator helps you compare all electricity and gas offers on the market.  
  • Energy saving check (in German): Thoroughly check your home and find out where you can save energy.
  • Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (in German): Keep in touch through our social media and always get the latest information.

Energy hotline: We are here for you

Whether you have questions about electricity or gas suppliers or your bills, need information on renewable energies or want to get some energy saving advice, we are here for you.

Give us a call

Unsere Hotline ist gern für Sie da

0800 21 20 20

We have set up an energy hotline for all your energy questions. Call us at 0800 21 20 20 and we will be happy to help you. Most often, people call us to find out about the electricity and gas suppliers they could switch to, about rates and prices, and about their rights as energy consumers. Others have questions about their energy bills; our services include checking whether your bill is correct. Our hotline staff is happy to help with these issues and any other energy concerns you might have.

Our hotline is available at 0800 21 20 20 Monday-Thursday 8:30-17:30 hrs and Friday 8:30-15:30 hrs.

Please note our data protection statement (in German), which includes information about how your data is handled when you contact our energy hotline.

Have us call you back, write to us or meet us

Send us your questions in writing!

If you prefer writing to us, we are available at beratung@e-control.at. You can also send us your bill so that we can check it and discuss it with you.
To fax your documents, please use 01 24724-900 01 24724-900.
Our postal address is: 
E-Control, Rudolfsplatz 13a, 1010 Wien
Through „Ask E-Control“ (in German), you can submit questions and receive answers from our experts, all of which are shared with the public. 
Maybe someone else already posted the same question and you can find an answer that fits your situation. Or you can start a new thread (even in English).
Use our Contactform to write to us. We will forward your questions to our in-house experts and promptly get back to you with their answers. 
Please note our data protection statement (in German), which includes information about how your data is handled when you use our contact form.
Follow us on Twitter and debate energy with us and others.
Like us on Facebook and use our page to ask your questions and post your views. 
Take a look at our YouTube channel. We’ve produced a number of them to answer the most common questions. And you can of course always post below the videos.

Come visit us at trade fairs across Austria 

Messestand der E-Control


Besides calling us or using one of the other ways to get in touch, you can always come to an energy-themed trade fair. We are happy to meet you face to face at fairs all across the country to discuss your questions about electricity, gas and green electricity.

For instance, people often visit us at these events to discuss issues such as:

  • Which electricity and natural gas suppliers are there? What are their rates and prices, and which additional services are available?
  • Am I paying too much for electricity and gas?
  • My bill is quite confusing; what do the technical terms on the bill really mean?
  • How can I save energy?

Come to a trade fair and we’ll be happy to take a look at these and other questions together.

If you have any questions about which trade fairs we will be at, please contact Ms Roswitha Hann at roswitha.hann@e-control.at

Our dispute settlement service helps you out

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 Rudolfsplatz 13a, 1010 Wien
 01 24724-444
 01 24724-900

If you encounter difficulties when trying to get your electricity or gas connection enabled or disabled, if are not satisfied with the quality of service of your electricity or gas supplier or network operator or if you would like to appeal against your bill, you can send an informal application for dispute settlement to our dispute settlement service. However, before addressing our service, you should at least try to find a solution with the undertaking directly.

If you write to us, please tell us right away:

  • What happened and which are the facts of the case - from your point of view?
  • Which electricity or gas company are you referring to?
  • What could be a satisfactory solution to the dispute?

Please include all relevant documents such as bills, payment reminders, warnings that you would be cut off and any other correspondence with the company.

You can submit your written application by e-mail, fax or post.