Wind power

Wind power Wind is the result of sunlight. The differences in temperature that arise between warmer and cooler areas on the earth (with more and less sunlight) create different air pressures in these areas. Air moves from high-pressure areas to low-pressure areas.

Wind park in Parndorf (Burgenland)

Wind park in Parndorf (Burgenland) click to enlarge

When we use wind to generate electricity, the blades of the wind wheel slow down the airflow. Depending on the type of generating station, it is either resistance or lift that are transformed into electricity. In the former case, wind propels the blades directly. For stations with the latter technology, lift is created at the non-symmetrical blades.

The International Energy Agency estimates that wind power currently covers about 2.5% of global energy demand.

Installed wind capacity across the globe was 432,560 MW at the end of 2015. The ten largest countries (US, Germany, Spain, China, India, Italy, France, UK, Denmark and Portugal) represent 89% of installed capacity (cf. EurObserv'ER 2016).


Installed wind capacity worldwide, 2015, MW

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With an installed capacity of 2409 MW (at the end of 2015), Austria is thirteenth among the EU countries (cf. EurObserv'ER 2016).


Installed wind capacity in the EU, end 2015, MW

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