Energy saving

Energy saving

Energy saving potentials vary a lot among individual households and depend on several factors. Both the type of energy saving measures and their sustainability in the long term play an important role. And of course, the general situation such as the appliances you already have and the state your building is in are crucial.

Two complementary approaches are decisive when it comes to energy saving and efficient energy use at home:

  • Changing your habits and consumption patterns.
  • Using modern technology.


On our German pages, we also provide a brochure on energy saving.  

Do energy saving measures have to cost a fortune?

  • Changing your habits doesn't usually cost a penny.
  • Other measures such as using low-energy light bulbs, switchable multiple socket outlets etc. will only cause minor costs.
  • Replacing old household appliances will bring about higher costs - but only once.
  • Renovating buildings and installing efficient heating systems will require bigger investments.

More expensive measures usually yield greater savings in the medium term.