The International Confederation of Energy Regulators, ICER, is based on voluntary cooperation between energy regulators from several continents and its goal is to foster dialogue and exchange information. 
ICER seeks to improve public and policy-maker awareness and understanding of energy regulation and its role in addressing a wide spectrum of socio-economic, environmental, and market issues. Through ICER, energy regulatory issues can transcend regional and national boundaries and be addressed through dialogue and cooperation on a global scale. ICER comprises over 200 regulators from six continents.

E-Control is represented in ICER through CEER. The authority regularly provides mentors for the ICER e-mentoring programme “Women in Energy” and submits specialist papers to the ICER Chronicle. E-Control shares its knowledge with global regulatory partners both at working group level, in the context of the virtual working group “Technology and Innovation”, and at executive level, as part of the “Back to school” educational initiative.

In the year 2000, ICER created the World Forum on Energy Regulation (WFER). It comprises around 1000 participants from around 100 nations and it aims at discussing and furthering regional and global developments.