ERRA is the Energy Regulators Regional Association. Its origins go back to the years 1999-2008, when it was established and institutionalized with financial support from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID).

Since its establishment in 2001, E-Control has been involved in the association’s work. For example, in 2003, as part of the group “New member states”, E-Control and CEER launched and organised the first joint CEER-ERRA training course for new employees in the field of energy regulation. 

E-Control has been a full member of ERRA since 2018. In September 2020, Dietmar Preinstorfer (E Control; Head of International Relations) was elected as a Presidium Member by ERRA’s General Assembly. The term of office of Presidium Members is two years. In total, the Presidium currently consists of the following seven Assembly Representatives:

  • Ms. Maia Melikidze, GNERC, Georgia – ERRA Chair
  • Mr. Pál Ságvári, HEA, Hungary – ERRA Vice-Chair
  • Mr. Ahmet Çağri Çicek, EMRA, Turkey
  • Ms. Maria Manicuta, ANRE, Romania (continuing her term)
  • Ms. Andrijana Nelkova-Chuchuk, ERC, North Macedonia
  • Mr. Dietmar Preinstorfer, E-Control, Austria  

Once a year, ERRA organises an “Investment Conference” in different capital cities.

E-Control is involved in ERRA’s working groups for electricity, gas, and renewables, and supports data projects, such as the ERRA Tariff Database, which serves as the source for benchmarking analyses and enables a transparent comparison of commonalities and differences between pricing models. Harald Proidl (E-Control; Head of Renewables) became the Chair of the working group on the Renewable Energy Sources Directive (RES) in September 2020.

E-Control, together with ERRA Secretariat, has launched a webinar series on the topic “Women in Energy - My Career Story”. In the webinar, Andrea Lenauer interviews leading female figures in the energy industry from all over the world about their professional paths, achievements, setbacks, and learning experiences in both their working and personal life. 
The series is a quintessential contribution to encourage the inclusion of more women in the energy sector, as it sheds light on many “role models” and has the potential to underline that every path is really unique. 

ERRA Women in the Energy Sector: My Career Story

The ERRA Secretariat is located in Budapest, Hungary, which is close to Vienna.