Supplier switching process

To be able to switch supplier, you must first choose which one to switch to. Our tariff calculator is an ideal tool to support your choice, but it can only compare tariffs for annual gas consumptions up to 400,000 kWh. Beyond this level, many suppliers offer tailor-made tariffs and discounts. If you fall within this category, it is best to contact your desired supplier directly.

Your future supplier will usually handle all the necessary paperwork for you, such as terminating your current supply contract. To be able to do so, the future supplier needs your official authorisation. Without this, it cannot kick off the switching process.
Once the process has started, your future supplier, current supplier and system operator exchange all the necessary data, with the clearing and settlement agent (which runs the switching platform) acting as neutral intermediary.

Each customer facility has a unique number which helps the market players identify it. This metering point registration number has 33 digits and starts with "AT", and you can find it on each of your system charges bills. It is highly recommended that you communicate this number to your desired future supplier to avoid any delays due to facility identification difficulties.

If your gas meter does not have internal memory, we suggest that you read your meter on the switching day and communicate the reading to your system operator. In absence of a reading, the system operator will estimate where your consumption stands.
Switching does not involve any changes to your metering devices, your connection, your lines etc.
Annual meter reading and any necessary maintenance work will still be done by your system operator. Switching is free of charge!

The details of the switching process are laid down in the Gas Switching Ordinance 2012