New connections

Distribution system operators must respond to applications for system admission or access with specific proposals in no more than ten working days. These must include a contact person, a date for the connection and an estimate of how long the work will take. In the event of a refusal of system admission or access, reasons must be given in writing.

In the case of a new connection the distribution system operator must connect the applicant’s installations to its system at a suitable connection point, having due regard for the applicant’s interests. System users must comply with all the building regulations applicable to domestic connections — especially with regard to the main shut-off valve. Your system operator will give you details on this and any documentation that will be needed.

The main shut-off valve is the boundary between the distribution network and the customer-side equipment.
A system user, you are responsible for the proper installation and maintenance of the equipment on your side up to the end of the connection pipe. The distribution system operator will not give the green light to your gas supply until you have provided proof that the customer-side equipment has been correctly installed and is operational. Your system operator will provide all the information you need.

System admission and access are governed by the general terms and conditions.