Electricity technical rules

Technical and organisational rules

The technical and organisational rules for the electricity market currently consist of the following parts:
  • Part A: General, definitions, sources
  • Part B: Technical rules for networks with a voltage of ≥ 110 kV
  • Part C: Technical rules for networks with a voltage of < 110 kV
  • Part D: Special technical rules:
    • Introduction
    • Section D1: Electrical equipment related to network disturbances; threshold levels for assessment by system operators and determination of electromagnetic compatibility
    • Section D2: Regulations for the assessment of network disturbances
    • Section D3: Audio frequency ripple control; recommendations on the avoidance of prohibited interference
    • Section D4: Operation of generating stations in parallel with distributon networks


  • Part E Technical precautions against major disturbances and limitation of their effects
  • Part F Technical rules for meter reading data acquisition and transmission


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