Examples for solved cases

Examples for solved cases

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Retroactive billing for years of underestimated consumption

In June 2015, Ms V. moved out of her flat and received her final bill for her electricity and gas consumption a couple of days later. She was shocked to see a payable amount of more than € 6,000.


Retroactive billing of the system provision charge

In April 2015, Mr F.’s system operator sent him a € 900 bill for an increase in his system provision charge, equivalent to an increase in his connected capacity from 4 kW to 7 kW.


Disabling-enabling gap with electricity cut-off

Mr C. contacted E-Control’s dispute settlement service because electricity in his new flat was cut off on 13 May 2015.


Contract termination and final bills when moving

Ms K. bought her electricity and gas from two different suppliers. In November 2014, she moved out of her place and informed her gas supplier but failed to inform her electricity supplier, too.


System charges, taxes and surcharges for a low-consumption home

Mr F. contacted our dispute settlement service with his last annual bill. The bill was for a holiday home and electricity and gas consumption there were very low. He had noted that he paid more in grid charges, taxes and surcharges than in energy costs and was wondering how this was possible.


Energy cut-off and universal service

Ms W. called E-Control’s dispute settlement service and told us that her electricity and gas had been cut off because she had not paid all her bills


Vertragsrücktritt – Information über Rücktrittsfristen

Frau N. leistete bei einem Stand in einem Einkaufszentrum eine Unterschrift und glaubte, damit an einem Gewinnspiel teilgenommen und den Erhalt des Gewinns – eine Energiesparlampe – bestätigt zu haben. Tatsächlich handelte es sich bei dem Schriftstück um einen Antrag auf Abschluss eines Vertrages über die Lieferung von Strom bei einem, Frau N. bislang unbekannten Energielieferanten. Das bemerkte Frau N. allerdings erst. weiterlesen