Support for customers of electricity and gas

Information on the current situation regarding COVID-19

Support for electricity and gas customers during the current Corona crisis

Households and small businesses should not have to worry if they have difficulties paying their electricity or gas bills due to the current exceptional situation. Be it because households without online banking are currently unable to make transfers, or because small businesses have to cope with loss of earnings. This was agreed upon by the representatives of the energy industry (Oesterreichs Energie, Fachverband Gas Wärme, Vereinigung österreichischer Elektrizitätswerke) and the responsible Federal Ministry (BMK).

For this purpose, the following was agreed between the industry representatives, initially for the period up to 1 May and extended to 1 July.

  • Waiver of reminders with costs in the event of non-payment
  • Waiver of deactivation due to non-payment

Energy companies are making every effort to find practicable solutions in discussions with affected customers.

If you cannot agree on a reasonable solution with your energy company, please contact our energy hotline.

Energy-Hotline: 0810 102554,