Austrian electricity disclosure report

The system of electricity disclosure was implemented in Austria in the year 2001. Since then every electricity supplier, that delivers electricity to final customers in Austria, has to announce the energy mix of his supply. Also information about the CO2 emissions and radioactive waste must be published. The disclosure statement has to be a part of the electricity bill (at least at the final bill for each year) and on singular advertisement dedicated to final customers.

The Austrian electricity disclosure system relies completely on Guarantees of Origin (GO’s).1 For every MWh that is delivered, a GO is needed. Since 2015 it is not possible anymore to deliver electricity of unknown origin (also called grey electricity). In the years before, the European ENTSOE mix was used for the declaration of this share.

In Austria the E-Control is in charge for the issuing, transfer and cancellation of GO’s.2 The whole lifecycle of a GO takes place in the Austrian GO database. Also the E-Control is in charge for the yearly review of the disclosure statements.3 After this review, a report is published about the results.