Energy poverty in Austria

Energy poverty in Austria

In recent years, energy poverty has become a catchword in the Austrian debate about the affordability of energy in the light of increasing gas and electricity prices. And yet the notion of energy poverty has neither been (uniformly) defined nor properly measured in Austria. However, a number of proposed measures are to ensure that energy poverty in Austria is pushed back through social and energy policies as well as energy utilities and private households.

E-Control Austria contributes to the ongoing debate about energy poverty in Austria by determining the extent of this phenomenon among the Austrian population in accordance with its regulatory tasks, which were extended by the Elektrizitätswirtschafts- und -organisationsgesetz (Electricity Act) 2010 and the Gaswirtschaftsgesetz (Natural Gas Act) 2011. If deemed necessary, E-Control will also propose measures to counteract energy poverty.

To accomplish these objectives, E-Control is presenting this paper with definitions and test measurements of energy poverty. Initially, a group of four Austrian and German experts in the fields of research and statistics were invited to critically comment on a previous version of this paper. The final version now reflects the valuable suggestions and ideas gained


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