New world of energy

Symbolbild: Neue Energiewelt

How to get involved

The world of energy is changing. Consequently, there are more opportunities for you to stop being just a consumer and gradually become an active participant as well. You can compare different offers, switch suppliers of power and gas, actively monitor, or consciously manage your energy consumption, which you probably already know. 

Become aware of your energy consumption

To become actively involved in terms of energy, you first have to know your energy consumption. For this you need adequate information. You can already get a good idea of how much you consume if you monitor your consumption of electricity, i.e. your average amounts of power used or peak consumption times. It’s also useful to check the power consumption of individual devices. Gathering all this information already presents a first and important step towards becoming involved. 

How to become a prosumer

Consumers who also produce energy are generally termed prosumers, which is a combination of the words “produce” and “consume”. There are several ways how you can participate in the energy market and shape it as a prosumer: from producing and injecting, or consuming the energy yourself, to forming a renewable energy community, or engaging in peer-to-peer trading. 

If you generate electricity yourself, it is particularly important that you improve your own use because each kilowatt hour of your own electricity used not only saves you electricity costs, but also grid costs and taxes. Most private electricity producers are so-called ‘Überschusseinspeiser’, i.e. they feed the excess electricity that they didn’t use themselves into the grid. Our tariff calculator  (in German) allows you to include the prices for electricity injected into the grid along with the prices for electricity used when you compare electricity suppliers.  

By being part of so-called renewable energy communities and citizen energy communities, you will be able to supply the self-generated excess electricity to your neighbour, brother, or your mother-in-law in the future.  

Peer-to-peer trading enables owners of generation facilities to sell their excess energy directly to other consumers. Actual private peer-to-peer trading is currently not possible because statutory regulations have yet to be established. But there are already several providers who offer platforms for this type of energy supply and already simulate such trading between private producers and consumers. 

E-mobility based on electricity from renewable sources presents a promising alternative that helps reduce the dependency on fossil fuels of transport, and consequently, cut CO2 emissions. Consumers, however, might have concerns about the sufficiency of their e-car’s operating range or the availability of charging points. Therefore, we are happy to offer you a reliable and transparent overview of charging stations in our directory.

We are also happy to provide you with any information necessary so you can seize the opportunity to actively participate in the energy market. By being involved in the field of energy, you not only protect your wallet but also the climate and environment, and you actively contribute to the security of energy supply.  

Questions about the new world of energy and how you can get involved  

We will gladly answer your questions. By way of example, people are often interested in the following issues:  

  • What does it mean to actively participate in the energy market?
  • How much power do my household appliances use?
  • How can I participate in the energy market as a prosumer?
  • How can I save energy and money at home?
  • Where can I find the next public charging station for my e-car?

Do you wish to talk to someone who can answer questions such as these? Just call our energy hotline at 0800 21 20 20, or you can use one of the several other ways to contact us.