Market rules

The market rules are the body of legal and contractual rules and regulations that participants must observe to ensure that the electricity market operates in an orderly fashion.

Among other things the market rules govern:

  1. The responsibilities to be observed by market players and system operators;
  2. The general terms and conditions for the distribution and transmission networks, for balance responsible parties, for green power balance responsible parties and for clearing and settlement agents;
  3. The standardisation of liability rules;
  4. Supplier switching procedures;
  5. Technical and organisational rules;
  6. Standards for hardware, software and data management (who gets what data and when);
  7. Other standards and regulations necessary for the functioning of the electricity market.

E-Control is required to draw up the market rules in consultation with the market players and to publish them in an appropriate format.

The market rules are divided into:


To get an overview of the Austrian electricity market model, please consult the document below; it also references the relevant chapters of the Electricity Market Code and other sources of information.

The Austrian electricity market