Labelling and disclosure

Electricity disclosure informs consumers about the mix of primary energy sources used by their supplier to generate electricity during the past year. This gives them a quality yardstick for their power supply.

The Austrian power labelling system (sections 78 and 79 Elektrizitätswirtschafts- und -organisationgesetz [Electricity Act] 2010) strictly regulates the issue and use of guarantees of origin and of information on the environmental impacts of generation (CO2 emissions and radioactive waste) for disclosure.

The Electricity Act 2010 requires all electricity retailers in Austria to disclose the primary energy sources used to generate their power ("supplier mix") on the annual bills sent to consumers and in their advertising materials. Suppliers must keep records of the sourcing of their electricity, calculate the supplier mix within four months of the end of the calendar or financial year, and make the results of these calculations available for inspection. The guarantees of origin, evidencing amounts of electricity generated and the energy sources, are held in the databsae of guarantees of origin administered by E-Control, and must be redeemed via the database.

E-Control is responsible for overseeing electricity labelling and disclosure. On an annual basis, we conduct a comprehensive audit of all retailers supplying electricity to consumers in Austria. The findings of these audits are evaluated in E-Control's annual power labelling reports.

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