Consultation on the Coordinated Network Development Plan and the long-term plan for 2014

Pursuant to section 63(1) Gaswirtschaftsgesetz (Natural Gas Act) 2011, one of the market area manager's tasks is to draw up a coordinated network development plan once a year, in coordination with the transmission system operators and having regard to the long-term plan.

For the distribution area manager, section 22 Natural Gas Act 2011 stipulates the duty to draw up a long-term plan for the distribution systems pursuant to annex 1 of the Act once a year.

In drawing up these plans, technical and economic expediency, the interests of all market participants and consistency with the Community-wide network development plan are to be taken into account.

Please note that the draft Coordinated Network Development Plan is available in English,while the long-term plan for 2014 is available in German only
Please send your contributions to the draft Coordinated Network Development Plan 2015-2024 and the draft long-term plan 2014 for the Eastern control area to the following email address: . The deadline for contributions is October 10, 2014. All contributions received will be published on this website.

Disclaimer : Since September 1 only two transmission system operators are active in Austria, GCA and TAG. The former TSO BOG was merged with GCA. Since the editoral deadline of the consultation documents was before the merger, this development is not yet fully reflected in the documents.