Welcome to our gas pages

To keep the market functioning, the market players maintain close relations with each other and exchange data on a daily basis. The manner in which they interact is laid down in the market rules. An overview of these working relationships can be found in Chapter 2 of the Gas Market Code.

The following players are active on the Austrian natural gas market:

  • the operator of the virtual trading point (VTP)
  • balance responsible parties (BRPs)
  • balance group members (BGMs)
  • suppliers
  • natural gas traders, i.e. wholesalers and retailers
  • producers
  • system users
  • consumers
  • natural gas exchanges
  • clearing and settlement agents (CSAs)
  • transmission system operators (TSOs)
  • the market area managers (MAM)
  • distribution system operators (DSOs)
  • distribution area managers (DAMs)
  • storage system operators (SSOs)
The information in this part of our site is aimed at market players. Issues that mainly concern household consumers or business customers are dealt with in the other areas of the E-Control website.