Information on supplier switching

On Austria's liberalised electricity market every business is free to choose its electricity supplier. This makes it possible to compare prices, obtain quotations and pick the right supplier.

The players on the liberalised electricity market

The liberalisation of the electricity market in 2001 has led to the separation of the system operation and supply functions. As a result electricity consumers today have two separate contracts — a system access contract with the distribution system operator and a supply contract with the electricity supplier.
The suppliers procure the electricity required by their customers, in direct competition with each other. At present there are over 130 power suppliers in Austria. Some market their products throughout the country and others only have a local presence. Many suppliers also offer special products designed for large consumers.
System operators are responsible for developing, maintaining and operating their networks — the power lines that supply their customers with electricity. Each system operator has a specified grid zone. This means that a consumer's location determines which system operator is responsible. Even if the consumer switches suppliers the system operator for the zoen in question remains the same.

Switching suppliers

Particularly for industrial and commercial consumers with high power demand, energy is a significant cost item, and switching suppliers can bring considerable gains in cost efficiency. The large consumer segment is fiercely contested, and because of this many suppliers offer special rates or discounts. Herr you may find further information on suppliers that serve the large consumer segment .

The switching procedure is just as easy for businesses as for household consumers. It involves just a few simple steps, with a minimum of red tape, and is free of charge. Click here for details of the precise supplier switching process .

PLEASE NOTE : there are different arrangements if you do not yet have a supplier — that is, you are opening an operation at a new location. But in this case, too, you are free to choose your supplier. Here you may find out more about registration and re-registration .

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