Financial support for green power plants

Financial support for green power plants

The financial support for renewable electricity is set down in the Ökostromgesetz (Green Electricity Act) 2012. The feed-in tariffs are determined annually by the Ökostromverordnung (Green Electricity Ordinance). 

Feed-in tariffs

A number of requirements must be met for renewable generating stations to receive support in the form of renewable feed-in tariffs. A variety of permits and approvals must also have been obtained, and some other steps taken. Full details can be found in the guide to funding for renewable generating stations, available from our German pages. Given that two out of every three supported green power plants in Austria are PV stations, there is also a dedicated guide for operators of this generation technology.

Other support

Besides support in the form of renewable feed-in tariffs, renewable power plants are eligible for investment grants and special provincial government grants. The Austrian federal government also occasionally provides special funding — one example was the Climate Change and Energy Fund photovoltaic funding programme.

Information on further renewable energy subsidies is available from provincial government offices.