Emergency intervention measures

E-Control is responsible for formulating and coordinating emergency intervention measures to safeguard natural gas supplies. To this end we constantly monitor security of supply.

In an emergency E-Control would do everything in its power to maintain gas supplies in Austria. It is E-Control’s task to prepare and coordinate intervention in the operation of gas storage, production and pipeline systems for the event that market-based measures should be insufficient to maintain supplies to all consumers.

E-Control’s emergency preparedness duties involve long-term planning and developing measures aimed at maintaining gas supplies in the event of an emergency. Such action could involve intervention in the gas production, storage and transportation industries, and in consumption (e.g. by appealing for energy saving or rationing).

E-Control is responsible for drawing up and coordinating intervention measures that can be enacted by order of the Minister of Economy, Family and Youth in the event of a crisis. The operational implementation of these measures is the responsibility of the market area managers, and of the relevant market players where their involvement is necessary.

To ensure that there is reliable data on which to base the preparation and implementation of emergency intervention measures, E-Control is empowered by section 11 para 2 Energielenkungsgesetz (Energy Intervention Powers Act) 1982 to order the reporting of data by market participants at periodic intervals.

We also report annually on the security of supply situation in Austria as part of our Market Report.