Secure, uninterrupted energy supply

Reliable gas supplies for consumers are a key concern for all players on the Austrian gas market. E-Control, too, regards supply security as a central issue for the country's liberalised market.

By security of supply we mean that all the technical and organisational requirements for uninterrupted operations are met, and all the necessary action has been taken to maintain the continuous physical availability of sufficient quantities of natural gas of defined quality at all times and at affordable prices.

Gas supply security begins with infrastructure operation, maintenance and development in accordance with good technical practice. Long-term supply security depends on developing the gas grid to meet future demand. To this end, Austrian Gas Grid Management AG (AGGM) draws up a long-term plan every year, for approval by E-Control.

In addition, we continuously monitor the supply security situation. At times of tight supplies this crucially informs the decision whether market mechanisms are sufficient to keep the situation under control, or whether emergency intervention measures are required.