Industrial gas prices

Industrial gas prices

E-Control has a statutory duty to draw up electricity and gas price comparisons for consumers and to publish them. For this purpose, we conduct a biannual (January and July) industrial price survey among approximately 200 business and industrial consumers (with annual consumptions above 400,000 kWh).

The results of these surveys, in the form of anonymised and commented lists, enable you to see what others with consumption structure similar to yours are paying.

To consult the current and historical results of our surveys, please consult our German pages. The detailed information presented there includes the development of gas prices and contract terms for industrial consumers.

In presenting the results, we distinguish between three consumption categories:

  • Category A: more than 100,000,000 kWh
  • Category B: between 10,000,000 kWh and 100,000,000 kWh
  • Category C: up to 10,000,000 kWh

The results depict the situation within a sample of 200 industrial consumers located in Austria, all of which have an annual consumption of more than 400,000 kWh.

For questions or queries about our industrial price surveys, please contact

Ms Esther Steiner
Tel.: +43 1 24724-704

Ms Roswitha Hann
Tel.: +43 1 24724-701