Direct membership of a balance group

Suppliers have direct contractual relationships with their balance responsible parties (BRPs) and are thus referred to as “direct” balance group members, while most consumers are “indirect” members of their suppliers’ balance groups, by dint of their exclusive supply contracts.

However, consumers, too, can be direct members of balance groups. Large consumers often opt for this in order to optimise their supply portfolios and look after procurement of their balancing energy themselves.

Direct balance group membership means that:

  • The consumer has a direct contractual relationship with the BRP;
  • The consumer has all the rights and duties established by the general terms and conditions of BRPs;
  • The consumer has a supply contract with a supplier in the same or another balance group;
  • The consumer looks after procuring their own balancing energy, in conjunction with the BRP.

On our German pages, we also provide a document with further information, relevant excerpts from the market rules and examples of the way that direct balance group membership works for consumers.