Report on the situation of the Austrian flexibility- and storage market – possibility for comment

According to § 98 (2) Austrian Gas Act 2011, the regulatory authority E-Control has to draw up and publish a report on the situation on the Austrian flexibility and storage market at least every three years. On the basis of this report the federal ministry for sustainability and tourism could adapt the third party access regime to storages from a currently negotiated into a regulated.

In this report the regulatory authority shall assess the level of competition on the storage market by referencing price comparisons, the range of products on offer and their use, market concentration (supply and demand side) with consideration of the availability of alternative sources of flexibility and the availability of storage capacity compared to demand for it.

To honor the storage system operators’ right to comment on the report and give also other market participants this possibility, they were consulted before the report was issued, in March 2019. Comments were taken into account. Pursuant to section 98(3) Natural Gas Act 2011, we herewith present the final report in German and in English.

Market participants were invited to give comments on the present draft report until 18th January 2019.
7 market participants gave their comments on the draft report (German only), two of them have to be treated confidentially.