Examples for solved cases


Disabling-enabling gap with electricity cut-off

Mr C. contacted E-Control’s dispute settlement service because electricity in his new flat was cut off on 13 May 2015. He had moved in at the beginning of May and only concluded an energy supply contract with an alternative supplier a couple of days afterwards. The previous tenants had ended their contract as of 27 April. The system operator did not have any information about a new system user and supplier at the address, and disabled the connection on 13 May. Mr C.’s contract only reached the operator a couple of hours after the disconnection had already taken place. There had been a gap between the disabling and re-enabling processes for Mr C.’s place. We contacted the system operator and the electricity was switched on again on the same day.

How to avoid this situation: if you are moving, you should conclude an energy supply contract early on. It is best to do it even before you move in. This sets off the enabling procedure for your connection. In addition, you should inform your system operator about the supplier you have chosen. If the supplier does not start the enabling procedure in time, this enables the system operator to contact the supplier and inform it of your desire to get electricity or gas. An unintentional disabling of the connection is avoided.