Federal legislation

Federal legislation

Major Austrian energy acts

E-Control has undertaken to provide non-binding courtesy translations of a number of major Austrian energy acts into English so as to inform interested readers about the national legislative situation. The range of documents available in English will be continuously expanded, and new translations will be posted on this site.


E-Control Act (26.0 MB)

  • (Federal Act on the Regulatory Authority for Electricity and Natural Gas) (Energie-Control-Gesetz [E-Control Act])

Electricity Act 2010 (56.0 MB)

  • (Federal Act Providing New Rules for the Organisation of the Electricity Sector) (Elektrizitätswirtschaftsund -organisationsgesetz [Electricity Act] 2010) 

Natural Gas Act 2011 (0,9 MB)

  • Federal Act Providing New Rules for the Natural Gas Sector (Gaswirtschaftsgesetz [Natural Gas Act] 2011)

Green Electricity Act 2012 (35.0 MB)

  • Federal Act on Supporting Electricity Produced from Renewable Energy Sources) (Ökostromgesetz [Green Electricity Act] 2012)

Energy Intervention Powers Act 2012 (0,1 MB)

  • Energielenkungsgesetz 2012 – Energy Intervention Powers Act 2012


Secondary legislation

This section contains English-language translations of a number of ordinances issued by E-Control. They aim to give readers an impression of the regulatory framework in Austria.

Gas System Charges Ordinance


Gas Labelling Ordinance












* Please note : All these documents contain non-binding English versions of (legal) texts. They are provided for the reader’s convenience only and in no way constitute legally binding documents. E-Control assumes no liability or responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of the text in these documents or any parts thereof. For a binding version of the legal texts, please refer to the relevant Bundesgesetzblatt (Federal Law Gazette).