Secure, uninterrupted energy supply

Secure, uninterrupted energy supply: switching without supply hiccups

While you can freely choose your electricity and gas suppliers, your system operator always remains the same. And it is the system operator who is responsible for maintaining the grid and reading your meter.

Regulation for system operators

E-Control regulated the grid tariffs, thereby providing investment security and ensuring that the system operators’ costs are covered.

Reliable suppliers

All electricity and gas suppliers that are active on the market in Austria are reliable. You can go ahead and choose any of them without worrying.

General supply security

Security and quality of supply are topics of absolute priority on the liberalised electricity market.

Understanding security of supply requires a generally accepted and valid definition of the term. Depending on the specific perspectives, different definitions are being used. For instance, E-Control has decided to use the following definition for the Austrian electricity market:

"Security of supply means that customers can use electricity of a determined quality whenever they need it at market-based and transparent prices."

The law guarantees reasonably priced electricity of high quality and security of supply for Austria’s households and economy.

E-Control has several tasks in relation to security of supply, e.g:

  • long-term projections;
  • regular market surveys and monitoring;
  • outage and disturbance statistics;
  • ensuring sufficient investment through regular cost audits;
  • cooperation with national and international experts to develop coordinated measures;
  • an active coordinating role in the development of emergency preparedness measures under the Energielenkungsgesetz (Energy Intervention Powers Act).