Network charges

The network charges are regulated by E-Control. They consist of several components:
Network charges as part of your bill

Network charges as part of your billclick to enlarge

  • Grid utilisation charge: via the grid utilisation charge, the network operators are reimbursed for the costs of the construction, expansion, maintenance and operation of the grid. It is fixed by E-Control (in the annual Systemnutzungsentgelte-Verordnung (Electricity and Gas System Charges Ordinances) and consists of a capacity rate and a consumption-based price per kWh (unit rate).
  • Charge for grid losses: in the course of the transmission and distribution of electricity from the power plants to consumers, network losses are inevitable due to laws of nature. The charge for grid losses compensates system operators for the cost of the losses of electrical energy occasioned by the physical characteristics of the network. The charge for grid losses is regulated by E-Control.
  • Metering charge: via the metering charge, the network operators recover the costs of the installation and operation of metering equipment and the costs related to their calibration and meter reading. E-Control sets ceilings for these charges.
Additional components of the system charges are designed to cover grid connection and admission and system parts necessary for international trade and congestion management at transmission level.