Transparency of prices and bills

Transparency of prices and bills

Comparable prices

As a consumer, you have a right to understandable and comparable price information from the suppliers.

In order to make price comparisons really easy for all consumers, E-Control offers a Tariff Calculator on its website. Click here to get information on good offers, discounts and other advantages. If you have any questions on the Tariff Calculator, please contact E-Control via our hotline: 0810 10 (EUR 0.044/min from all over Austria)

Understandable bills

Your supplier and your system operator are obliged to issue clear invoices which you as a customer can easily read and understand. For questions about your bill, please contact your supplier or system operator directly.

The E-Control hotline at 0810 10 25 54 (at EUR 0.044/minute from all over Austria) is also available for questions on your energy bill.

Transparent meter reading

Your electricity and gas consumption is registered by meter. Your system operator is responsible for the installation, maintenance and reading of this meter. Generally speaking, your meter must be read each year and at least once in three years your system operator has to come by and read it. Your invoice is issued on the basis of this meter reading: you pay for what you have consumed.

Meter reading can be done in three different ways:

  • Meter reading by the system operator: your system operator is obliged to send someone to read your meter at least once in three years.
  • Meter reading by the consumer: when your system operator does not come to your home for meter reading, you will receive a card for reading your meter on your own. You can note the current value displayed on the meter on the card and send it back by post. Or you may just as well provide your system operator with your meter readingt by e-mail or telephone. For details on meter reading, please contact your system operator.
  • Calculation: as a third method, your system operator can calculate your consumption. This method may only be applied if the meter could not be read any of the other two ways. Your consumption is then determined on the basis of a calculation formula. Note: this calculation may differ from your actual consumption and your bill will be increased or decreased accordingly the following year.

Tip: If your system operator does not come to read your meter for drawing up your annual invoice, you should read your meter yourself and notify your system operator.

Functioning meters

System operators have to submit calibrate meters in regular intervals. The intervals may differ according to the type of the meter. The calibration must be carried out by a measurement office or accredited calibration service. Depending on the type of meter, a representative sample may be drawn and reviewed. If the examination establishes correct and reliable operation for the relevant interval, the other meters of the same type and model may remain in operation.

If you think that your meter is not working correctly, you can request your system operator to check it. Please note that in case your meter works fine, you will be charged the cost of the examination. In case the examination shows that the meter is really faulty, your system operator has to bear the cost.

Receiving correct invoices

Your system operator must come and read your meter a least once in three years. In between these scheduled readings, your electricity consumption may be calculated. If your system operator does not come to read your meter, you can read it yourself and let it know how much you have consumed.

If you have doubts about the plausibility of the amounts on your bill, you can appeal against the invoice within a certain period. In principle, you can request a rectification of your invoice anytime, but in some cases you may have to pay a handling fee.

Tip: Since you only receive one annual invoice, you will be requested to pay partial amounts in regular intervals. If you wish to change the amount of these payments, e.g. because your consumption pattern has changed, you can ask your supplier to adapt the partial payments accordingly.