How many bills do I get?

All energy consumers in Austria need two partners to get their energy flowing: an energy supplier (for electricity or gas) and a system operator. This is the reason why you might actually get two separate bills – one for energy, from your supplier, and the other one for grid charges, from your system operator. However, most suppliers work with the system operators to be able to issue a single, combined bill to you. This is how it works:

  • Your system operator sends and invoice for grid charges to your supplier, which in turn bills you for both energy and grid charges.
  • For this purpose, you, your system operator and your supplier need to have an agreement in place; your part of that agreement is included in the contract form.

This kind of billing is often also called “integrated” billing or you might hear people talk about “separate” billing when combined billing does not apply.

Your overall energy costs stay the same, regardless of whether you received a single bill or separate ones – to cut your costs, you should take a look at our Tariff Calculator and see if there is a cheaper supplier for you!